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Abadiño / Region: Durangaldea or region of the Duranguesado




Basque Country - Basque Country

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San Trokaz Square, 1

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Two principal rivers that cross municipality of Abadiño are the Ibaizábal for the North and the Urkiola with South direction. They belong to different basins. The Ibaizábal receives, to his step along Abadiño, some creeks proceeding from the areas eventful, like the Ursaltu, Mendiola and Sistrimin. River Nervion ends in . For his part the river Urkiola is born in the South hillside of port of the same name, going towards Alava, where is represented by it in the Saint's Reservoir Engracia.

Of prehistoric epoch we find in his municipal term the caves of Bolinkoba (deposit solutrense), Oialkoba (Age of Bronze), Astakoba and Albiztei. During the Middle Ages it was a stage of the wars of factions, being partial to the edict oñacino.

Abadiño excelled from the XVIth century like important center industrialist of making of iron in his Astola foundries, Esterripa, Lebario, Muntsaratz, Murueta and Traña, working someone of them up to good brought in the XIXth century. Two fairs were celebrated annual very crowded, one on February 3 in Abadiño-Zelaieta and other one, of major cattle, the day of San Antonio of Padua, from 1777.

The parochial Church was a counterfoil of that of Garay and it was dedicated to San Torcuato Mártir. The Patronage was granted by Juan I of Castile to Juan Alfonso de Múxica in 1385. Reconstruída in 1599, was extended later in 1763-1780

Tower of Muntsaratz
Sanctum of Santos Antonios of Urkiola
Set of Gerediaga
House of Astola
Windmill of Larringan
Tower of Abadiño
Palace Zeletabe
Nature reserve of Urkiola

In Abadiano there are several important holidays, but he emphasizes the fair of San Blas, on February 3, for the quantity of the Town that it attracts to the same and the importance that has for the rural sector of the country for his important cattle fair.

The management holidays are May 15 in honor to San Trokaz in she diverse cultural acts as typical dances are realized in front of the authorities.

On April 28 San Prudencios is celebrated in Matiena who are much popular.

On June 13 the holiday of San Antonio is celebrated in Urkiola in that there is usually pilgrimage and fair.

There is a multitude of minor holidays, every quarter celebrates his and every chapel also.

The municipality of Abadiño is constituted by the following quarters: Amaitermin, Astola, Gaztelua, Gerediaga, Lebario, Irazola, Traña-Matiena, Mendiola, Muntsaratz, Sagasta, Urkiola and Zelaieta. (fte. to see them links)

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