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Abanto Zierbena


Abanto Zierbena / Region: Encartaciones




Basque Country - Basque Country

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Abanto and Ciérvana (in Basque and officially Abanto-Zierbena) is a municipality of the Big Bilbao, in the province of Biscay, Basque Country (Spain). The Ist populate of Ciérvana constituted one proper municipality in the nineties, but Abanto and Ciérvana preserves his ancient name because a municipality exists named Abanto in the province of Saragossa.

The municipality of Abanto-Zierbena is one of the municipalities placed in the central area of the deposit of iron of Biscay. In they find Towns and quarters of indisputable mining origin as Gallarta, Putxeta, Triano, The Balastera, The Limestones etc.

In this municipality the mines exploited from ends were twelfth of the XIXth century being the development of many of them very previously to the industrial phase of the mining.

The capital status of the municipality finds in the Ist populate of Gallarta. Emblematic municipality in the development of the iron ore, which seams were already 'adored' by Plinio.

Gallarta is the place of birth of Dolores Ibarruri "Passion flower", the existence of the felling of the mine of Agruminsa, and of his 50 km of galleries and underground cameras of development, where the Museum Miner tries to realize visits that allow to see this mine of iron from his interior. In Gallarta the head office is also central of the Museum of the Mining of the Basque Country, located to scarce 100 mts. of this exceptional iron mine.

Interest patrimony:

Parish of San Román
Church Our Missis Virgin of the Port
Chapel of San Ignacio of Loyola in The Sand
Town hall

In Zierbena so many holidays as quarters are celebrated they compose municipality, related to his respective churches.

Zierbena counts with the Bidegorri, (exclusive route for the circulation of bicycles and pedestrians) more length of Biscay, where we will enjoy a walk of approximately 11 Km. of which 4 Km. they think up for municipality of Zierbena, where the fans to be walked peacefully can enjoy an itinerary of a big landscape beauty. (fte. to see the links)

Nuclei: Abanto, Gallarta, The Slope, The Sand, The Port, Vale, Kardeo and San Mamés

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