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The Alonsótegui porch (in Basque and officially Alonsotegi) is a municipality of the province of Biscay, Basque Country (Spain). It appears in the 80s on having been segregated of Baracaldo, municipality the one that was joined from ends of the century Alonsótegui is at an approximate distance of Bilbao of 8 kilometers. It is located at the bottom of the vale of the Rio Cadagua, following the direction of the Highway Bi-636 that goes from Zorroza up to Valmaseda.

The Alonsotegi history materializes in 4 periods:

1. Till the end of the XVth century beginning of the XVIth Alonsótegui was integral part of the municipality of Arrigorriaga.

2. In the XVIth century it was constituted like independent porch, situation that remained until the year 1888.

3. From November 13, 1888 until December 31 of 1990, Alonsotegi remained annexed to the municipality of Baracaldo.

4. Finally, on January 1, 1991 it initiates a new stage constituting a new and different municipality in union with the quarter of Irauregi, up to the date baracaldés.

Alonsotegi is provided with diverse elements of historical interest, culturally and naturally:

Clerk until 1990 of Barakaldo, treats as a municipality of small size that concentrates big part of his activities (town hall, church, schools, etc.) concerning his nucleus centrally, with the districts of Arbuio and Irauregi like areas decentralized more important.

The Church of San Bartolomé is a fruit of the destruction of the ancient one parish at the beginning of the XXth century given his ruinous state. they made use of materials of the ancient temple and masonry turned out to be a factory of , with ashlars in the most important areas, of plant cruciform and only one ship, covering in crucería and with air neogothic (preeminence of pointed arches, tracería, etc.). It presents bulrush with vain of half a point and clock, and has also attached to her the house cural and the vestry. It has little interest artistically.

In addition to the parochial church, Alonsotegi has in the quarter of Irauregi the chapel of San Antolín, a temple of that there is already news documentary in the XVIth century and romanist presents a reredos interesting; St Martin built in 1909 with the intention of to recover a cult eliminated to this saint and to shelter his ancient one carves; and Our Lady of the Guide, in Arbuio, to facilitate to workTown of the Rich factory the sacred offices.

The public schools were built in 1902 and there are a building of two apartments marked by fascia, rectangular plant, four slopes, vain in reduced arch and some decorative elements as alfices or cornice moldurada in baquetón. Other buildings of interest are the big house Aldanondo in Arbuio, the number 2 of Barrenkale and the head office of BBK, of clear style revivalista, and the Group Barrenkale, of working housings, also revivalistas Basque - Englishwoman and of Justino Basterra.

The Alonsotegi bridge, constructed in 1985 and fruit of one restoration for the disappearance of the previous one, has ridged profile, only one semicircular arch and muretes in masonry. Also he emphasizes the bridge Irauregi, in the district of this name.

Two iceboxes between the mounts Ganeta and Pagasondo and other one in Ganekogorta is the most singular thing inside the municipal patrimony. They all of circular plant and in masonry, are deep wells it plows to gather snow in winter. The two first ones date of 1648 and 1674 and formerly they had a building in the proximities that was facilitating his development, today eliminated The third one is documented for time the first in the century (fte. Basque encyclopedia Auñimendi)

Nuclei: Alonsotegi, Irauregi, Arbuio

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