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Amorebieta Etxano / Region: Durangaldea or region of the Duranguesado




Basque Country - Basque Country

Habt. / Ine 2004



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The current municipality of Amorebieta-Etxano is final score of the evolution of Merindad de Zornotza that comprised them, during the statutory stage of the Dominion of Biscay, Porches of Etxano, Amorebieta, Ibarruri and Gorozika, as well as of the Larrabetzu town. The two first ones melted in municipality of Amorebieta-Etxano and others two happened to integrate Town hall of Ugarte de Múgica.

Inside the CITY CENTER the ancient Church has special interest of Santa Maria of the Asunción. Of unknown foundation, the year 1441 already existed in , since she turns out to be quoted in documents of this year. I moderate herreriano that consists of a ship of rectangular head and five equal stretches covered by vault of crucerías. It is supported for eight exterior stirrups, buttresses that reach the comass of roof.
Artistic historic monument and one of the most important temples Renaissance men of only one ship in Biscay.

The expansion of the XXth century formed a city center that in little respected the monumental patrimony. Someone have survived, nevertheless, notable constructions:

Palace of Cancelled:

In the n. 21 of the street of Sabino Arana. It is a neoclassic building of four heights constructed in the XIXth century.

House Harrison:

Mansion of English style constructed in 1910 for Document tube Basterra for Leonardo Rucabado, in current reshaping.

House of Document tube Basterra:

Projected by Fidel Iturriza in 1921, it is of style neovasco, he gathers the essential characteristics of the hamlet but provided with true baroque decorative elements.

The municipality is provided with 17 chapels, between which one emphasizes interesting group of the XVth and XVIth centuries. The chapels are places of religious meeting and communal free time for the inhabitants of quarters, for it it is typical that are provided with a bowling alley or bolatoki in that practical a proper variant of the game of region. (fte. to see the links)

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