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Amoroto / Region: Lea-Artibai or region of Marquina




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It belonged to the Busturia merindad and had name of Amoredo. At present it belongs to the Mancumunidad of Lea Artibai along with the municipalities of Munitibar, Aulestia, Gizaburuaga, Mendeja, Ispaster and Lequeitio.

Amoroto is placed to the north of the region, between Mendexa, Gizaburuaga and Aulesti. The point most filled with the municipality, that is to say, the city center is the quarter called Elexalde, erected on one hillock being one of the nicest urban centers of the environment.
It is divided in four quarters: Elexalde, Odiaga, Ugaran and Urrutia.
The principal nucleus is that of Elexalde, which like the proper name indicates it is where the parochial church of St Martin is located.


Parish of St Martin, of style Gothic - Renaissance man in origin suffered a big reform in the XVIIIth century that turned into one his neoclassic temple constructed with columns.

Chapel of san Miguel, of popular style is in the quarter of Elixalde. It has several stones motives.

Chapel of Santa Barbara, simple popular construction in honor to Santa Barbara placed in the mount of the same name.

The civil architecture of administrative type has in the House Consistorial his regarding only one. Cubic style building neoclassic, it is formed in his principal front by chairs, and whitewashed in the remaining ones, three axes of vain flat in two heights and continuous balcony of corner to corner in his high plant. Much austere and without decoration, they emphasize the escutcheon of the front principally, the frames of the low part of the balcony and them jabalcones that stand out in the cornice.

In addition to the town hall it would be necessary to stand out like civil, the Bridge of Read, of the XVIIIth century and semicircular arch, and the Mills Errotabarri, Bulu (in Oleta), Armiñaerrota (in Erquiaga), Bekoerrota (in Odiaga) and Artinerrota.

The domestic architecture is monopolized in its entirety for hamlets. Of two types principally: the baroques of the XVIIIth century and the neoclassicists of the XIXth century, since previous to these centuries not no copy survives. Between the first ones it would be necessary to emphasize those of simple arcade and of double arcade.

Of an arch there are the Hamlets Txacartegui, with reduced arch and Azubita, of arch carpanel, both in Urrutia's quarter (see). In relation to those of double arch, to emphasize Etxenagusia-Odiaga, in Odiaga (see), Idarrieta, in Urrutia (see) and Iturraran-Bekoa, beautiful building of arcade of half a point on column toscana, with badge that dates it in the year 1784.

Of those of neoclassic style it would be necessary to speak about Aldekoa, Pontxekoa, Elmendi, Abadetxea, Iturraran Errota (in Odiaga (see)) and Klaudio (in Oleta (see)), all of them with flat access and without portico, since it corresponds to this typology, except the first one of all of them, which semicircular arch still preserves peraltado and gateway, in spite of be dating in the year 1846, according to the inscription of the front. Several hamlets of popular style in the quarter of Eleixalde, like Uriarte, Arostegui, Goitiko-Bekoa or Urgoen.

Prehistoric deposits

In 1882 prehistoric remains were discovered in the Armiña cave (call of that time of the Errekas), the hizó a team headed for the geologist Ramón Adam de Iarza. Since then different finds have been realized :

Cave of Abitaga, José Miguel de Barandiarán, in 1964 she found in human remains and objects prepared to hand. The deposit is of the epoch Magdaleniense.
Cave of Abita, the archaeologists Aranzadi studied it the year 1929, Eguren and Barandiaran. Carlist was used in the second war and ene lla he lives through a bat species in extinction danger. (fte. to see the links and auñamendi Basque encyclopedia euskomedia)

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