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It borders to the N. on Arrigorriaga and Zollo, to the S. with Aracaldo and Vale of Orozco, to E. on Miravalles and Ceberio and to O. with Llodio and Oquendo. His principal heights are the Ganekogorta with 999 m., Kamaraka with 700 and Goikogana with 697. In the previous one statistical there are included the inhabitants of Arbide, Aspiunza, Bakiola, Zelaiko, Elexalde, Garondo, Labeko, Larrako-Zubieta, Otxanduri and Zollo-Elejalde, which are small population entities, as well as those of the hamlets Basakoetxe, Almiña, Igersa and San Pedro.

Eminently rural, following the line marked on big part of the municipalities of the Vale of Arratia, the Arrankudiaga town planning treats about a dispersed habitat in districts, without a nucleus specially defined and basically linearly following the Way Real from Bilbao to Orduña.

Santa Maria of Arrankudiaga, the parochial church, is a temple of XVIIIth century (finished in 1783). With plant of Latin cross and only one ship, it possesses a polygonal head of three sides, surrounded by vestry, and tower belfry attached to his feet in the north side. A porch, with roof to a slope it covers the south wall (up to cruise) and west, to which there is annexed a small chapel or chapel, that further on it was a question, named of Santos Antonios Abad and of Padua.

Of six chapels documented in the territory of Arrankudiaga, only there remain three, and one of them is previously quoted as belonging to the parochial set of Santa Maria, the Chapel of Santos Antonios Abad and of Padua, which although considered as such, it should be more correct to treat it as a dependent chapel of the principal church.

In Basakoetxe there meets the Chapel of San Sebastian and San Fabián, a building of rectangular plant, a wide porch to three waters that a flat brick access lodges.

San Pedro in the Uribarri district completes the list of chapels that survive at present.

Saint Ann de Etxebarria, Santo Domingo of the Roadway and Santa Maria Magdalen, there are already missing chapels.

With regard to the civil residences they stand out:

the Palace Moorland, baroque, of the XVIIIth century
The Hamlet Etxeandia in the quarter of Labeko, of baroque style (one inscription in the front front dates it in the year 1748)
The House of Arocena, the House of Otxanduri and the Hamlet Artetxe, all they in the quarter of Arene are other examples of this type of architecture.

The Consistorial House, in the Arene quarter
the Bridge of Arbide of the XVIIIth century
the Bridge of Uribarri
several water mills
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Nuclei: Arrankudiaga, Arene, Zuluaga, Zollo, Uribarri, Zollo-Elexalde, Aspiunza

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