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Previously Arrazua of Biscay. Municipality of Biscay that adopts his current denomination as segregation agreement of that of Gernika-Lumo of Together Personal details of Bizkai 15-10-1992 (Official bulletin of Biscay 07-11-92 and 20-11-1992).

They water his term several creeks that lowering of the mounts Arrola, Gaztuxetuelagana, Olerre and Lupiola, from not top height to 550 m., they pay his waters to the Golako for his right margin.
It borders to the N. on Cortézubi, to the S. on Mendata, to E. on Navárniz and to O. with Ajánguiz, Guernica and Forua.

Linked for several decades to the Gernika-Lumo jurisdiction, at present it is an independent municipality, of rural character and scarce extension. It is divided in several districts: Barroeta, Barrutia, Belendiz, Elexalde, Gorozika, Loiola, Mount, Uarka, Zabala and Zubieta.

Church De Santo Tomas:
Located on an imposing artificial, visible stack for behind, the Arrazua church presents a different reading from interior or the exterior. The ship was raised about 1530, and covering for wooden panelled ceiling, to which the stirrups correspond exterior. Nevertheless in the years following 1819, J.B. Belaunzaran will realize the vaults baídas, supported in the current ones columns and will award a new light to the temple opening three vain ones thermal. It aligns the columns with the supports of the choir that in 1772 realized J. Iturburu. So much the bells tower as porch perimetral are works of the S. XVII. The neoclassic influence spreads up to the house cural next. Paisajísticamente, survives the keys of the beginnings of the church: his natural access, it is of the vale, across the way marked out by the route crucis even it high place of the hill, original "setting" of the baroque.

Two houses - towers survive although much retouched to the passage of time. The tower of Belendiz articulated in two heights, covered to four slopes and from rectangular plant he has to emphasize two vain ones geminados in pointed esthetics arch Gothic - Renaissance man that make preserve part of his ancient tradition, lost in the apartment low for an added one marked in plant with vain flat regularized of modern tradition. To the Barrutia house - tower in the year 1822 a reconstruction deprived it to a great extent of his aspect originally, Renaissance, as it is possible to see in his coat of arms.

Two preys exist on the river Golako, Uerka and Gaztañaerrota, both of masonry and straight lines, and the Bridge of Arzubia, Gothic - Renaissance man, like mark his only eye in arch lightly aimed, it is worn out in chairs and sillarejo, tells with stirrups in his starter and it is ridged. It has in his high point one carved bas-relief that marks the division between Arratzu and Mendata. (fte. to see the links)

Nuclei: Arratzu, Loiola, Uarka, Zabala-Belendiz, Barrutia, Gorozika, Eleizalde, zubiate, Barroeta, Mount.

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