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Placed in the spurs of the mount Sollube. A tributary of the river waters his term Break-in and several creeks subsidiary his. It borders to the N. on Meñaka, Bermeo and Busturia, to E. with Rigoitia, to O. with Frúniz and to the S. with Morga.

His principal access is realized by the highway that Mungia-Gernika joins. From the signposted crossing we will raise approximately three kilometers even to come to the center placed in the quarter of Libao. Also it has access as the highway that joins Busturia, coming this way to the Reservation of the Biosphere of Urdaibai.

Arrieta is formed by different quarters grouped in four principal entities.

Libao (center - west):

Libao, Goiri, Gereka, Zameza, Larretxebarri, Mendiguren, Madariaga and Oxiñaga

Agirre (north):

Formed by Agirre, Lexarraga, Magaltza and World

Olatxua-Olabarri (south):

Otazu, Olabarri, Olatxu, Kornabiz Lekerika and Landaguren.

Jainko-Oleaga (to the east):

Baieneta, Uribarri, Jainko, Makuleta and Kiputzena

Of rural and dispersed habitat, only the nucleus of Lebanon one can consider a district to be entirely united and it is where they find the administrative services of the municipality.

Religious buildings

In the quarter of Lebanon they are the Church of St Martin Bishop, parochial temple, which tower and neoclassicist combines Renaissance style in his in the rest of the building, and the Chapel of the Saint Christ, child humilladero known popularly like Kurtzefixue.
In Jainko there is Our Lady of Jainko, of good dimensions for to talk each other of an isolated building and that it preserves in addition to an Andra Romanesque Mari a funeral stela as foot of altar, of epoch ancient

in Olatxua the Chapel of San Luis Gonzaga, of popular style. Her Chapel of St Kitts, of elongated plant, masonry, and covering to double slope, has wooden choir and keeps a San image Cristóbal and paintings of the Sacred Heart and the Virgin.

Civil buildings

Two are the factories that they might frame inside refined architecture and both are in Lebanon: the so called one Tower Uribe, lacking completely in any element definer of what it might consider to be as such, and at present with typical of very retouched residential building and with the escutcheon corner like more outstanding piece; and the Town Monesterio, of the beginning of the XXth century (1903).

The hamlet has some representatives emphasized in Arrieta, being the most ancient Elorreta, of the XVIth century, and with spurs in principal front.

The hamlets Gereka Aurrekoa and Gereka Etxebarria also continue this one typology, but they date of the XVIIIth century.

Lebanon is preserved by the biggest repertoire of hamlets of portico in lintel and walls ambles of the whole Arrieta (Urioste, Eulate, Arrietatxu and Altamira), characterized for preserving still the portico flatly with the wooden beam, p

Another two examples more spread in the proximities would be Orbegoitia, of the XVIIIth century and with attached barn, and Uribarri that presents shield. (fte. to see the links)

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