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The mounts of Garbua, Saldoja, Alén, Peak of Miguel, Source the Jail and Saw of Santelices form them slopes of the vale, to which it waters the Olabarrieta, compound of creeks of Cabirón, Barbal and the Golilza. The area is much eventful and cutlery of encinos, oaks, chestnut-trees, walnuts and others trees. In the previous statistics the inhabitants are included of The Cotillo, Gerelagua, Laiseca, Mina Federico, The Paraya, Quintana, The Recorn tortilla, The Risquero and The Operetta, which are kidlings population entities.

Arcentales is big in territorial extension and with one live eminently rurally and dispersedly, emphasizing two important nuclei (San Miguel of Linares and Traslaviña) and a series of kidlings districts spread with different importance (Traslosheros, Gorgolas, The Weight, Launzain, Santa Cruz, The Route, Santelices, etc.). All of them, in general, fulfill the essential characteristic of small groups of hamlets and single-family housings and bifamiliar, being San Miguel the principal nucleus and administratively.

The religious temple of major interest is San Miguel of Linares (see), a building basically Gothic - Renaissance man, with elements that demonstrate his Romanesque past and later added baroques, although of big interest it is also Santa Maria of Traslaviña (see), placed in the quarter of the same name, a Gothic, built temple at the beginning of the XVIth century and that preserves similar characteristics to those of San Miguel of Linares (tower - belfry to the feet, porch in the south wall, etc.).

The houses - towers also it has his presence, although not of form so massive as in the most oriental municipalities of the Encartaciones, answering this way to the population and social process dice along the Middle Age in the region. They emphasize the Tower of Elevated place in Traslaviña (see), of the XVth century, that of Traslosheros (see), although much modified and the Tower of Mollinedo

From refined architecture we will emphasize the Palace of Horcasitas, also called tower, for his singular elevation in one of his sides that gives her idea of tower attached to the building. It is of baroque style (XVIIIth century), masonry, except corner and I re-surround of vain (almost all flat) and smooth fascia marking the heights, being in the tower of three apartments and in the rest of the building of two.

Nuclei: Artzentales, San Miguel of Linares, Santa Cruz, Traslaviña, Traslosheros, Gorgolas

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