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He was Don Diego López de Haro V, gentleman of Biscay, who in 1300 granted the title to the city due to his significant relevancy as commercial and seaworthy nucleus in epoch.

The singular place of the Town allowed him to keep on growing. marine commerce was developing with rapidity, while her ancient population was spreading over both sides of laugh. commercial exchanges also were favoring the enrichment culturally of the city, impelled the same way by the pilgrims who were coming to Bilbao the Milky Way of Compostela.

To middle the XVth century constitutes the nucleus of the Old Helmet to his most ancient part is extended with another four streets, what will cause the “Siete Keep silent ”, name that receives the historical center from Bilbao. In the same area the Cathedral of Santiago rose, substituting the ancient chapel devoted to the Apostle. The temple, of Gothic style, is one of the most emblematic of the city.

Bilbao is known warmly by his inhabitants like 'The botxo', this is, ‘El hole ’, since it is surrounded by mountains. From this one nickname derives the name bochero. Another nickname than persons from Bilbao receive them is of chimbos that it comes from a few birds that they were hunting in big quantities in Bilbao during the XIXth century.

That to visit:

Bridge of the Favor
Church of the Favor
Bridge of the Bank
Walk and Porticoes of The Bank (Arches of The Bank)
Market of The Bank
Church of San Anthony
Bridge of San Anthony
Station of Atxuri
Church - convent of The Embodiment
Sacred art museum
Native house of Miguel de Unamuno
Portal of Zamudio
Cathedral of Santiago
Small square of Santiago

In the last decade, the city has realizing a restructuring with important cultural investments as the Museum Guggenheim of Bilbao and the Palace Euskalduna, as well as town-planning endowments innovative (Foster's meter, Walk of Abandoibarra, the Zubizuri, tramcar Funicular of Artxanda, etc...), that try to re-turn the industrial Bilbao of last century in a tourist Bilbao and focused on the services. (fte. to see the links)

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