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 the castle of Break-in, magnificent romantic building of the second half of the XIXth century designed for Marquess of Vats on an ancient house toasts of that they respected some parts. Originally in this place there was nailed the tower of the family Múgica-Butrón, building of appearance similar to the rest of marked out houses - towers of importance for the province.
This one was possessing in addition to his classic structure of quadrangular plant and slender development a wall around him of defensive cut, that although not very habitual in these factories there could be constructed in the enclaves of wealthy families that in full edicts war needed maximum protection. In this case his presence is understandably if we bear in mind that the Break-in there were the head of edict oñacíno.

Departing from a building with exempt tower, of good height and wall in contour the said architect following the dictations of French restorer Viollet-le-Duc re-designed a castle revivalista and eclectic that respected part of the exterior wall (I access pointed, angular buckets and ashlars up to half a height), developing in his interior, following the idea of the small fort original, a tower of the homage to which they were leaned added up to achieving an imposing retaste fortitude nineteenth-century in the style of the English castles or those that for that one Luis II of that time was constructing in Bavaria.

Of style neomedieval it alternates Gothic, Romanesque, Arab, the secondly empire or even architectures invented to do an intricate one labyrinth of stays, brokers and courtyards with innumerable decorative elements most of them of military court although of course without defensive function. There emphasizes exceedingly it Gothic cadenza that for logic connects instructively with original building, we must not forget that the principal access is of pointed arch of big voussoirs of the XVth century, arch that repeats in many of his vain ones some of them geminados.

The horseshoe of Arab type and the half point also they are frequent, as well as túmidos, ogee, carpaneles, reduced, etc. Battlements, merlones and matacanes they reach the majority of the towers and buckets and the roofs aimed in black slate of his tower barbican might be alike another big building restored during this one epoch and of medieval origin, the castle of Olite. It preserves also in his exterior wall original loopholes.

It is necessary to add to this building like part of a great set major the chapel of Magdalen, the mill and the foundry Break-in, hamlet Arratza and the surrounding botanical park that fortunately in major or minor measured they still survive, divides all of them of what in his moment there were the possessions of the masters of Break-in, example of what was habitual after the end of the struggle of edicts insuring itself the socio-economic mastery of the surroundings, what was bringing innumerable benefits. (fte. encyclopedia

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