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Durango / Region: Durangaldea or region of the Duranguesado




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Municipality of Biscay placed in the part centred century. E. of the province. The river Ibaizabal crosses his term that waters from E. his O. with his such tributaries like the river would Run and the Etxanerreka creek. The town of the same name is S. E. of the municipal term in the big flatness that extends to both sides of the river It would run. The relief ranges between heights of 851 and 200 m.

It borders to the N. on the terms of Ibarruri and Bérriz, to the S. on those of It would flow, Izurtza and Abadiño, to E. with those of Bérriz, with Garay and Abadiño and to O. with those of Amorebieta and Dima.

The ancient nucleus of the population finds to the right of the course of water, between the churches of Santa Maria of Uribarri and that of Saint Ann, the river and the street of the Convents. The apples compose it understood between the streets Barrenkale, Artekale, Goienkale and Kalebarria to which it crosses the way of the Saint's cemetery Cross. Any of he was shut up by walls of medium height that were opening in the portals of Krutziaga, San Pedro, Saint John, San Martín, Our Lady of the Piety (with the shield of Castile and Navarre) and that of Santa Ann, that they were forming a quadrilateral one in whose angles were lifting the towers of Lariz, Asteiza, Arandoño and Apery.

The town, even being, with probability, the most ancient of the Dominion, scarcely trasluce such a condition, in what to his architecture it recounts, because the terrible bombing of 1937 made her change, largely, physiognomy. At the beginning of the XIXth century outlaying districts were still a town murada with 128 houses grouped in four entities of population placed: Krutziaga, Intxaurrondo, Pinondo and Hermodo. They were bringing in also inside his jurisdiction 57 Abadiño houses and Izurtza. The portals of his walls rose, more or less complete, until middle of last century. Iurreta is of recent incorporation to the municipality.

Of big artistic interest there are the Saint's church Mari de Uribarri and the parish of Santa Ann. (fte. to see the links)

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