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Ea / Region: Busturialdea - Urdaibai or region of Guernica




Basque Country - Basque Country

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Municipality vizcaíno placed to the N. of province, in the shore of the sea Cantabrico. Argin creek waters his term with his tributary the Goikoetxe creek. His capital -Ea - is in the central part of the municipal term, to right of the mouth of the creek Argin, in a small inlet of the sea. The relief is slightly mountainous without exceeding heights of 223 m.

The river Ea forms the narrow one laugh in his mouth, in which the locality is boxed, with the houses aligned in narrow streets parallel to the river and a small and ancient bridge that saves the river bed. The small beach and the fishermen's overcoat stay protected at the bottom of laugh, quedándo without water during the tide low.

The Ist populate of Ea is born in the XVIth century when fishermen of the villages neighbors of Ereño, Bedarona and Nachitua, establish an establishment permanently of fishermen in the natural port that it forms her laugh at Ea. Until the XIXth century Ea did not have proper municipal entity. Her laugh it was dividing the village in two parts, one of them belonged to porch of Bedarona (Bedaroa) and another half to the porch of Nachitua (Natxitua). This is the reason of that Ea possesses two parochial churches, one to every side of the river and separated only for a bridge.

In the XIXth century the Ea port was overcoming in strength and population to two porches to which it belonged. By it the municipalities of Bedarona and Nachitua were fused in a new municipality of name Ea and with capital status in the Ea port. From then, the returns were invested, and Nachitua and Bedarona spent to to be rural Ea quarters.

He emphasizes the Parish of Saint John Bautista. Constructed in the year 1550, branch to the church of Santa Maria of the Consolation of Nachitua. Baroque possesses a reredos of Renaissance style of transit to ; in the center there is an image of the holder and in the part top the Blessed Virgin, both of very good size. Around, four ceiling roses with scenes of the life of Saint John. It finishes off the whole reredos in a circular pediment. In a side altar the figures are of Christ, Our Lady of the Pains and Saint John. Saint's church Maria de Jesus. Constructed in the year 1550, branch to the church of San Miguel of Ereño; rebuilt in the XVIIIth century. It possesses a reredos baroque, that in the center has a figure of the titular one, of the century XVIII.
Parish of the Consolation, of Nachitua. Built in the XVth century in ashlar stone.
Parish of San Pedro of Bedarona. Constructed in the XVIth century like eremitorio. At present she is much transformed.
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