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Elorrio / Region: Durangaldea or region of the Duranguesado




Basque Country - Basque Country

Habt. / Ine 2004



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Gernikako Arbola Enparantza, 3

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946 820 164

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Town and Municipality of Biscay placed to E. of the province. There crosses his term of E. to O. the river Elorrio that waters it with his such tributaries like the creeks of Mendruka, Antxorta and Kortazar. The Town of the same name finds in the part head office of the municipal term, to the right shore of the river, embattled of mountainous areas

Elorrio for his situation is a municipality hinge between Biscay and Guipuzcoa, his emplacement is modélico since his downtown finds in an alluvial flatness drained by the Zumelegi, river that was acting like protective pit for the north and the west. Of rural ambience and dispersed for the hillsides of the south and south-west, there confirms it population concentrated on the medieval helmet and the suburbs. It is provided also with the following importance quarters: Aldape, Arabio, Arauneta, Berrio, Berriozabal, Gastea, Gazeta, Iguria, Leaniz, Lekeriketa, Mendraka, Miota, San Agustín, Urkizuaran and Cenita.

Elorrio is the municipality with more concentration of crossings of term of the Basque Country. These were serving to mark the end of the space urbanized and area space is not easy to find so many cruises in so little .

The most complex artistically is the Cross of Kurutziaga, in Suso suburb although it is not in his original emplacement. It consists of four bodies: the low one is to circulate where it rests the second, more complex, with decoration of strips, jonquils and baquetones. Between they appear vegetable motives, dragons, etc. Superposed there is a cornice with the date, 1522. The third body is a hexagon of twisted shaft similar to the second one but that it lodges them reliefs of five saints. The fourth body cross of seven radioes supposes the auction, one with decorative motives and Christ's image Crucified in the obverse and the Virgin with the Child in the reverse.

The Argiñeta necropolis, in Elorrio it is placed along with the chapel of San Adrián and surrounded with oaks. It consists of 23 stones graves of the IXth century, probably destined to noble Christian visigoths.

Nuclei: Elorrio, San Agustín, Gazeta, Leaniz-Miota, Berrio-Aldape, Lekeriketa, Iguria, Mendraka, Berriozabal-Arabios, Gazteeta

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