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Fórua is a municipality placed in the margin left of laugh at Mundaca to the north of the province and at locality of Guernica into which it was incorporated. There is located on one ancient Roman town constructed in the Ist century and that was serving like shopping center of the area and port of navigation of cabotage for the Sea Cantabrico. This town was left in the Vth century.

Forua, with a name of clear Roman resonances, is a locality next to Gernika (Biscay), town hall to which it was joined does a few years (1966), but it is from 1987 a municipality again for itself, with his 996 inhabitants in 2001.

Forua had, already before the Exlaustración of the XIXth century, a Convent Franciscan (1719), I move or refoundation of the mythical Convent Izaro islander (founded, in turn, in 1422),

The Forua locality possesses the Roman deposit more big of Biscay (60.000 square meters) and better preserved of everything her Cantabrian cornice. Precisely, from today it is possible to contemplate in his totality

The deposit was occupied between the Ist and Vth centuries after Christ and up to the date, there have been located up to nine structures different Romans that denote different phases within the period Roman.

The excavations reveal that the establishment vizcaíno was one of more important founded by the Empire on the Basque coast for to guarantee the marine communication.

In the Elejalde hill, on the banks of laugh at Urdaibai and in that today is Forua, there was in the Ist century a port and a town Romans. What the Empire was naming a ’forum ’, «an establishment dedicated to the commercial exchange that was serving to arrange to indigenous element», tells Mikel Unzueta, archaeologist of Delegation of Biscay. From the place, the fort was seen of Kosnoaga placed on top of another hill. «It stopped being inhabited when the Roman enclave was founded», indicates Ann Martínez Salcedo, archaeologist who discovered the Forua deposit does already twenty-three years.

Eight structures excavated in Forua

1. An old room. It was an ancient construction of the epoch of Claudio-Nerón that went on to metallurgical workshop. His conservation has been covered for .

2. From forge to hut. In and l IInd century lodged a forge workshop to happen an IIIrd century to be a hut presided by a hearth centrally.

3. Defense building. It could be the control of the traffic in the Ría of Urdaibai. Later it lodged two metallurgical stoves.

4. A late store. There is constructed in the IInd century with function of metallurgical workshop dedicated to the transformation of the iron. To the beginning of the IVth century it is re-conditioned like room place and store, supporting his activity until middle of this century.

5. To re-use materials. The most scarce remains. It preserves scarcely two stretches of wall due to his plundering, in the XVIIth century, for the construction of a hamlet.

6. Housing and store. It centers his activity period concerning IInd century. It is a question of a building that would fulfill functions of housing and store. It is consolidated.

7 and 8. In excavation process. Several enclosures have been identified concerning a courtyard. The entire plant reaches 560 m2, being one of the widest of the peninsular north. His function was I half-close to port activity.

Considering the importance and interrelation between Inhabited Romano de Forua and the remains recently found in the Church of St Martin, her Statutory delegation of Biscay has started, with the collaboration of the Episcopate of Bilbao and of the proper Town hall of Forua, one campaign of holding a permit visits.

These visits, which will develop between June 17 and 6 of I wither in the Necropolis and the Town, they will be carried out for archaeologists who have been employed at the proper excavation.

Completely free, there will be able only to be requested by means of reservation to turn of the Museum Euskal Herria of Gernika (Palace Happiness, Allende Salazar 5, Gernika), in the phone 94 625 54 51 or for Internet (fte. to see the country, the mail digital,,

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