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Ispaster / Region: Lea-Artibai or region of Marquina




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On the Cantabrian coast, the cove appears of Ogeia formed by rocks most of the time, although sometimes the sea deposits sand in her. In spite of lacking an access comfortably to the sea, his location allows him to make use of the fertile ones grounds of a depression kárstica. This geologic characteristic there is given place, especially in the south, to the formation of a scenery splashed with hills, caves and abysses.

Although his capital Elexalde finds in a flatness in the part head office of his municipal term, the rest of the population settles in barrrios of dispersed hamlets. In Ispaster they emphasize the summits from the Otoyo (396 meters) and from the Arterreta (251 meters).

His difficulty to gain access to the sea has favored his orientation towards the agricultural activities.

Elexalde, nucleus of the municipality of Ispaster, is a work of the century XIX, although there are very previous indications. She composes of a kidling square rectangular with the church, a palace and the town hall in . In the open side of the square a narrow street ends, with semi-detached houses, and that the model reminds to us of you populate.

The rest of the population places in quarters of hamlets, in one very dispersed habitat. These quarters are articulated in two areas Goiherri and Beherri.

Arropain: placed along with the Lekeitio downtown.
Artikas: Wide district placed in a hillside.
Barainka: placed in a hill that the municipality communicates with Ea.
Elejalde: central nucleus of Ispaster where they are Town hall and Church.
Gallete: in the south of the municipality with hamlets of big interest
Kurtxiaga: near to Lekeitio, it borders on Mendexa and Amoroto.
Gardata: concentrated quarter documented from the XVth century.
Kortazar: dispersed quarter placed in the vale.
Larrinaga: placed between the beach of Ogella and Elejalde.
Mendazona: small quarter in a strong slope.
Solarte: set of dispersed hamlets for the hillside of the Iluntzar.
Soluane: placed in the high Ispaster area although nearby to I center. (ftes. to see links)

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