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Karrantza, the Town and the vale, Biscay-Bizcaia

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The Municipality of Karrantza is situated in interior vizcaino, being together with Lanestosa the municipality more western of the pretty Basque geography with
Cantabria, Burgos, Trucios, Artzentales and Lanestosa.

The name of Karrantza turns out to be written for the first time about the year 880 in the Chronicle of Alfonso III.
Earlier, the Romans also were there, as they show numerous remains. In the Middle Age, after knowing the disputes between lineages (the houses - towers are signs of it), one accepted the only government: that of a mayor, a receiver and two authorities, which until the XVIIIth century were meeting under a holm oak.

To visit:

Cave of Pozalagua in Rocks of Ranero:

Pozalagua has a 125 meters length, with four twin abysses 40 meters deep. The central part has a lake that in the actuality is dessicated. His stalactites are of more singular that they exist and it is one of few caves of Europe with eccentric stalactites.
Between the bends that form the thousands of stalactites and stalagmites, all of them of a big beauty, the visitor can admire one of the most unusual spectacles of the speleology European.

Karpin Abentura:

New Thematic Park of the Fauna where diversion combines the free time and her with the most didactic aspects and of protection and recovery of our fauna.

Museum - church of San Andrés of Biañez:

there was discovered a feigned identical reredos that the whole testero was occupying flatly of the presbytery. The narrative program of the sacred scenes has like principal topics: the Last Dinner, the Martyrdom of San Andrés and Christ's Passion. As the reredoses this one divides in sotabanco, bank, three records and attic, and these in turn are distributed in three streets.

There are numerous the holidays and traditions that are celebrated in the Vale throughout year:

Festivity of the Virgin of the Good Event boss of this Vale
Festivals of Music
Games of Skittles (ftes. to see links)

Nuclei of Karrantza: Ahedo, Aldeacueva, Ambasaguas, Bernales, Biáñez, Bollaín, Conch, The Callejo, The Event, Grassy, Karrantza Harana/Valle of Carranza, The Chain, The Limekiln of the Meadow, The Fence, It will weave, Sharp Spears, The Barcenas, Manzaneda de Biáñez, Matienzo, Molinar, Bulging, Paules, Detainee, Ranero, Rioseco, San Cipriano, San Esteban, Sangrices, Santecilla, Saw, Soscaño

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