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The municipality is washed by the rivers Gobelas and Udondo and for the creeks Lertutxe and Mendibile.

Leioa belonged to the bias oñacina, the Trabudúa lineages and Martiartu was allied of the house Break-in in the offensive against bias gamboina of the Avendaño.

The parochial church of Saint John Bautista was dismembered of Saint Maria de Erandio, to whom it was attached, after the suit supported between the parish of Leioa and the boss (Juan Alonso de Muxica) and beneficiaries of Santa Maria. The judgment compromisaria dictated for the archpriests of Bilbao and Durango on October 31, 1526 inclined in favor of the first ones on the condition that dead persons were burying his in the ancient counterfoil and three festivities were coming to his religious services a year, custom this one that finished with disappearing with the time.

At the end of XVIIIth century the Marquess of Mortara and the proprietor of the house solar of Martiartu were distributing the tithes, but the presentation of the benefit priest was corresponding only to the first one.

The chapels the Remedies were dedicated to San Bartolomé and to Our Lady of , on the Ondiz hill.

The Leioa inhabitants were dedicating traditionally to agriculture and the fishing, until about the XIXth century the process of industrialization of laughs it was changing gradually her traditional activity of his neighbors, turning in one basically industrial locality.
Despite it, there exist some nuclei that still preserve part of his ancient rural character: Ondiz, Peruri and Elexalde constitute for it the most interesting areas of the Municipality.

In Elexalde, in fact, which constitutes the capital status of the municipality, it will find the building of the Town hall, constructed in 1891, and much close, the Church of Saint John Bautista, who dates of 1526, in whose the neighbors were assembling porch until the XIXth century to treat them matters of the Porch. From the same Town hall one can give wide and agreeable walk up to the surroundings of the University.

Between the isolated built-up elements it is necessary to emphasize them following:
- Palace of Artaza: this building, together with his environment of gardening, supposes a high quality stately set.
- Hamlet Mendibile: rural palace previous to the XVIth century well preserved.
- Tower Altzaga: house - tower, medieval placed in the hillside northwest of Ondiz.
- Chapel of San Bartolomé: restored by the neighbors and surrounded of a kidling stands out, supposes a rural urban quality place environmental, where popular acts are celebrated in epochs of traditional holidays .
- House of Antonio Menchaca, in Gaztelueta.

It is provided with industry of the steel, chemistry, mechanical, food and of glass.

In this municipality there is placed the principal Campus (included the Head office of the Presidency) of the University of the Basque Country. Them faculties that here are located are the faculty of Medicine and Odontology, faculty of Science and Technology, faculty of Beautiful Arts, faculty of Social sciences and of the Information, School University student of Labor relations, University School of Infirmary, School of Hotel trade. It possesses an Assembly hall, the unit of Biophysics of the CSIC and the biggest university sports center of everything Basque Country. (ftes. to see the links)

Nuclei: Aketxe, Artatza, Artatzagane, Begoñako Ama, Civic Center, Elexalde, Estartetxe, Iturribide, The Poplar grove, Lamiako, Landabarri, Leioa, The Pines, Mendibile, Monte Ikea, Negurigane, Ondiz, Peruri, Sakoneta, San Bartolomé, Saint John, Santimami, Santsoena, Sarriena, Telleria, Txorierri, Udondo, Zarrageta

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