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Porch and Municipality of Biscay placed in the part Centred. of the province. It waters his term the river would Flow, that crosses it from SO. where he is born, to NE. His capital, the porch of the same name, finds the N. of the municipal term, in left shore of the river, surrounded with mountainous areas which heights range between 1.022 to O. del Kanaleko and 300 m. at the bottom of vale.

Church of Santa Maria of Mañaria: It was reconstructed for the first time in the year 1556, later it has been engrandecida, getting up belfry, between the year 1859 and 1862, of Dorian style, marble is of .

In a wall of the temple, under a sundial, there is a window of renaissance; in the cornice heads of winged angels are seen; it has a fence between two columns with capital of ionic order. In addition to this one there are another three windows, of the transit of the Gothic to renaissance. One of them corresponding to the ancient choir. This one has a cornice rested on two cantilevers, on which there is two pilasters, with capitals of ionic order. These frame the window, arquitrabada, with mullion of ionic order.

In the porch roof there is canecillos, some of the Gothic style, below the door is, ogival, with a fret that finishes in one end in a mouse.

The church is covered by vaults of the ogival style.

Renaissance reredos; of the primitive reredos Flemish style preserves a table of with the Piety. In the side altars there are reredoses of baroque style. The processional cross, of the XVIth, is trebolada. In it lower part is a body with eight faces, there being in them they images of the Evangelists, separated by small columns.

Chapels of:

Aita Kurutzeko de Iñunbarruti;
Saint John of Garaitorre;
St Martin of Untzilla;
Santos Antonios de Aldebarrena; the St Lawrence of Urkuleta.
Tower of Garay. It was destroyed in a fire in the XVth century, although it reconstructed, in the XIXth century it was in ruins. The remains of his walls find in the chapel of Saint John.
Solar houses of Arrazola (Etxegorri), Swindle and Iturriaga.

There are in numerous Mañaria mines, like those of calamine «Trinidad and The purest», of ocher, pencil and of iron, of Aztegana. Also important quarries, like that of Azkoitia, of which they were extracted, in 1751, columns of veined brown jasper of white and red, for Real palace of Madrid. (fte. to see http:// idi=es)

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