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Karrantza, the Town and the vale, Biscay-Bizcaia

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Text of Elixane Castresana Bilbao (published in 29/07/06)

FROM next Tuesday the mine Angela located in the quarter karrantzano of Matienzo, will reveal his secrets to the public, with beginning of the program of visits guided to a part of the system tube of his ancient principal gallery. One will cover itinerary of 2.500 meters - practically flat - between the going and her return, for which one hour and a half will be used like minimum.

During the trajectory, the visitors will discover so much the traces of an activity that in due time was the economic engine of the area, like the four "blown ones" that have appeared until now. treats starter demolitions as caves discovered in the sixties by effect of that the miners carried out inside the mine to look and to exploit the lodes of mineral, and that hoard geologic formations of big value, for example, them eccentric stalactites for which one knows to the cave of Pozalagua.

To gain access to the trips, which will go out at 10 a.m., 12, 14 and 18 hours, it will be necessary to reserve calling to the phone of the cave of Pozalagua, 649 811 673, or to that of the tourist information office of Conch quarter, 696 446 301. Paying ten euros the option fits of Angela enters Pozalagua and the mine, while by six visit will be restricted to the last one. The organization will provide helmets and light, but it is recommended to come with overcoat pledges and water footwear.

Lead mineral

The development of the mineral of lead in the mine Angela began in forties, being located the principal pithead in The Shells, place located to one kilometer and a half of distance of the quarter of Matienzo and to 240 meters of altitude. Till the end of 1964 her mining authorization formed by the group of mines of Karrantza Angela and others it belonged to the company Saw of Gredos S.A.

From 1965 the Company of Developments Miner Industrialist and Marine S.A, CEMINSA, it took in lease the rights of development up to the closing of the mine in the 1977 due to the depletion of the reservations.

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