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Mendata / Region: Busturialdea - Urdaibai or region of Guernica




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Municipality of Biscay placed in the part I center this one of the province. They water his term the creeks of Berrekondo and of Golako, both tributaries of the river Goose. His capital, Elejalde porch, finds between two creeks in central part of the municipal term.

It was possessing several houses and ancient lots, as there are the house of Meek, Zugaza, Olabecirarruista, Lamíquez, Arestieta and Olaeta, founded year of 938 for Iñigo Ortiz of Anchoca Vrarte and Mrs Toda de Mezeta his wife. The house of the small merino of Guernica, situated in Mendata, was finding in 1562 in the ruinous state. In the towns regiment, that congregated in January 9 of the same year, asked himself to hire in public auction.

Church of San Miguel of Mendata. Constructed in the Xth century and rebuilt in the XVIth century. With enough Renaissance front simple. The temple has a ship. The biggest reredos is Renaissance. In the base there are ceiling roses with heads of angels and high place relief of Santos Fundadores. In the center there is a niche framed by columns of ionic order, where there is a figure of San Miguel, of archaic type. On this there is a frieze with triglifos and metopas, and above two ceiling roses with Corinthian columns, with one eardrum in which the Eternal Father appears with the world and blessing. In the center of this second body there appears before us her scene of the apotheosis of Virgin Mary. The reredos finishes in one Calvary surrounded by columns of Corinthian order. Along with the tabernacle two stage is seen with passages of the life of Jesus Christ. The altars side, corresponding to the Virgin, San Jose and the Blessed Virgin, are baroque. Under the Renaissance choir there is a font with fences that possibly belonged to two chapels Renaissance, that have a nice balustrade in stone. One of they is covered by a vault of crossed nerves, in his frieze there is an inscription of the year 1526. It is of emphasizing a relief of Descent. Another chapel also covered by vault of nerves, has a perfect Renaissance arch at the entry, of the century XVII. In the vestry of the temple silver preserves a Gothic censer of , of the XVth century. In the year 1635 there awarded the construction of tower of San Miguel of Mendata to the main stonemasons Martín of Hormaeche and Pedro de Bengoechea, but both died and his widows gave up carrying the contract out. The benefited graduate gift Fernando, Abbot of Lamíquiz, who had given the money for work, ordered the work to continue and to end on the following year.

Church of Santa Maria Magdalen, of Albiz. Constructed like eremitorio in the year 1412; his belfry is of the XVIIIth century. One has Renaissance reredos with the titular saint. In the high part there is one Calvary. In the panels they appear Magdalen, the Asunción, her Prayer in the Orchard and the Kiss of Judas. The side altars dedicated to San Jose and to the Virgin are not of artistic interest. Partisan tower of Albiz. At present it is much pollarded. It is a property of the count of Albiz. Abadetxea. The porch is sustained by a column in which three crossings appear of wood. Window prerrománica in the chapel of Saint John, in Lamikiz, with the epigraph fundacional SANC ZIUS BROAD BEANS QUI HECDIFI - CABIT THERE IS (N) C. Fechable in the XIth century.
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Nuclei: Mendata, Marmiz, Olabe, Albiz, Elejalde

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