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Andra Mari Auzoa, z/g

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Municipality of Biscay placed in the part head office of the province. Several flowing creeks water his term of the river Break-in. His capital, porch of Meacaur de Morga, finds E. of the municipal term.

Morga finds in the center of the province of Biscay close to other important municipalities as there are Mungia, Gernika and Larrabetzu. Traditionally the economy of this municipality is faced towards the primary sector, with what the rural establishment would be more typically. We can differentiate the following quarters: Andra Mari, Eskerika, Flowers, Gabatike, Ganbe, Goardia, Gerekiz, Igertu, Meaka, Menike, Morgakoene, Morgaondo, Okoriko, Oñarte, being his downtown Meakaur.

The find of two Roman headstones in the chapel of San Esteban of Guerequiz (Meacaur de Morga) places Morga in the first place in relatively to epigraphy vizcaína since the above mentioned headstones seem to date of the IVth century of our age

The parochial church St Martin Bishop in Meakaur dated in 1550; there is a question of a Renaissance building and has the temple with a tower belfry and a porch that covers it in all his perimeter. It is realized in chairs and the vain ones place on the cover exterior that has the porch (in an alone low level loopholes are opened ). The tower is to the feet and there talks each other of one solid bucket that distributes in two bodies separated by one smooth frame. In the low body two way arches open point to themselves and in the top body two flat vain ones together with semicircular arches that give shelter to the belfry.

To the interior the building is painted to the stucco imitating the presence of ashlars. Also to emphasize the reredos of Renaissance type where the holy boss finds St Martin of Tours.

An exception is the church of Our Lady of the Remedies in quarter of Andra Mari, since parish enjoys the consideration of attached to . On the outside it looks like a modest building although of major dimension that a local chapel; ship talks each other of a temple with only one with a covering to two waters. Realized in rough stone with exception of you will form a corner that they are in chairs. In the front western turn out to be four trumpet-shaped and flat vain ones on cover of the porch. The later extension of the building has to to the construction of a rural house. The tower belfry is similar to the alone building broken by four vain ones of half a point that they receive the bells.

As for the chapels we find that of Saint John Bautista in Meaka quarter; construction of rectangular plant with straight apse and covering to two waters on two cerchas, all this is realized in masonry seen except you will form a corner with them and the bulrush with one vainly without bell, which they are realized in chairs. It has a door flat and other one of pointed arch. The paving is of tiles of cooked ground and his choir is of wood, in one of his beams date of construction is read her : "1722". A kidling tejavana protects access of the side of the Epistle, although in his set everything is in very bad conditions.

The chapel of Santo Tomás in the quarter Goardia presents a plant rectangular and a covering to two waters. Realized in masonry sight has the corner ones in chairs and possesses a bulrush with one vainly for the bell in cement. The access door has an arch pointed and to the south a flat window. His paving is of flagstones of stone.

The chapel Jesus Crucificado in the Meakur quarter, is one rectangular construction with a covering to four waters that to interior presents a crucería vault. Constructed in chairs rendered, the porch that exists to the feet rests on two columns of stone. In the principal front we find a door with arch of half a point that is framed in a wooden grill. In the same one quarter we find the chapel of San Vicente, with rectangular plant and a covering two waters. Realized in masonry seen with corner in chairs.

The chapel of San Miguel Archangel in the Oñarte quarter, is one rectangular building with a covering to four waters. Realized in masonry seen with corner in chairs. Now it is in ruins but it was possessing a covering to two waters; his access door is an arch pointed. In the walls of the chapel two were fixed Roman headstones discovered in 1770 and today located in the Museum Diocesan of Derio.

The Morga town hall has invested more than 725.000 euros in subsidies to enable a new entitlement hostel municipally in the Meakaur quarter. The new tourist center is already in functioning, and the facilities count with multiple services, such as a bar, connection Wi-Fi or the possibility of to realize adventure sports in the area.

The Meakaur hostel is a building of five apartments and one has capacity of 62 squares. All the plants are provided with common baths and you douche, and they are completely adapted. In the semicellar they arrange of several polyvalent rooms for chats and meetings, and in the plant it lowers a bar - snack bar.

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