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Mundaka / Region: Busturialdea - Urdaibai or region of Guernica




Basque Country - Basque Country

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Lehendakari Agirre Enparantza, 1

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Mundaka is placed in the mouth of laugh at the same name. The fund is of sand. This long wave of lefts, it is taken in low tide.

The area has been populated from the low Paleolithic, as they testify the Santimamiñe caves in another shore of laugh and deposits found in Portuondo.

Interior one speculates on the arrival to the Vikings' area, what according to some authors there would justify the presence of fair-haired types of eyes blue on the coast vizcaína, in contrast to the Basque type of . Anthony Erkoreka affirms his presence in the IXth century basing on the Arab chronicles, medieval histories and other information anthropological, while Jon Juaristi believes that in fact were a few Saxon exiles overthrown by the Vikings.

The Mundaca origin is not known, what has given cause to which there have attributed foundations based on fables and legends, like her presence of Tubal, grandson of Noé, in Biscay.

Between the first news that there are about Mundaca there is existence of the palace of Altamira, where there seems that at the end of XIth century lived the infanta of Scotland, mother of Jaun Zuria (gentleman Target, for his fair-haired hair), the first master of Biscay.

The Mundaca porch is already quoted in the year 1051 in the donation from the dominion of Biscay to the monastery of San Millán of the Cogolla, as well as in 1070 in the donation of the said church to the monastery of Saint John of the Rock.

Interest patrimony:

Library, ancient hospital of pilgrims of the Milky Way, covered by those that were disembarking in Bermeo.

Chapel of Santa Catalina, of the XIXth century, placed in the peninsula that takes his name, and the walls that surround it, remains of a small fort of the XIXth century.

Church of Santa Maria. Placed in the lookout, of backs to the sea. His construction initiated in Romanesque style in the Xth century gives place to a new Gothic plant in the XVIth century, after his destruction. His interior is of undoubted artistic value.

The Cross, of the XVth century, placed in the street that takes his name.

Society Fraternidad Mundaquesa (casino).
Palace of Larrínaga.
Old town, along with the port.
Town hall.

Surfing. The Mundaca wave is considered to be one of the best lefts of the world, with a length that can reach 400 m. The locality receives the autumn months and winter the visit of numerous practitioners of this sport proceeding from the places more remote than the world. From the year 1998 the championship Billabong-Pro has celebrating in locality, it proves puntuable for championship of the world. (fte. to see links arrives said and wikipedia)

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