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Placed to 20 m. on the sea, Mungia is one area of open spaces, in which small depressions happen and bobtail; between these, is necessary to stand out Gondramendi (217m)., Tallu (342m). and Berreaga (366 m)., in addition to the mounts Sollube (684 m). and Jata (592m).

All they are ready surrounding the vale of the river Break-in that after being born in the mount Bizkargi (536 m). and to cross everything her region, he dies in the Ría of Plentzia. But the only one is not this water discharge that we can find in the area; much on the contrary, there abound the creeks and underground springs, which like Atxuri, Trobika, Lauromendi, Atebarri or Mantzorriko Erreka are flowing of Break-in and they feed the numerous sources of the population, formerly they were making to work to more than 20 mills, of which even they preserve several.

Although there are tracks that demonstrate that the area that today Mungia occupies was inhabited from prehistoric times (a fort exists in Berreaga, and stelas of diverse chronology have been in Towns nearby), the first documentary reference that we find, it is of the year 1051, when an abbot of Mungia (Mome Munchiensis abba) was confirming a donation of the Masters of Biscay to the monastery of the Cogolla.

The quarters of Mungia are so ancient as the porch. Every quarter has constituted during hundreds of years a unit with proper personality. The neighbors and neighbors of every quarter have always had like pride his it belonged to him, even when they were coming to city center.

Every quarter is marked by a holy boss, a chapel or place of reference (most of the current chapels have been reconstructed recently) and a few holidays.

Civil architecture:

Town hall

Religious architecture:

San Pedro de Mungia
Santa Maria
San Miguel of Zumetzaga
Saint Madalena de Llona
Santa Maria of Larrauri
Santiago de Laukariz
The St Lawrence of Amézaga
St Martin of Atxuri
San Andrés
Saint Helena of Emerando
Saint Mariñe

Bridges and Mills

Source of the Concord

the Park Urigüen is a recreational space located in one of ends of the helmet of Mungia that an interesting and abundant one lodges joint of trees, both indigenous and original of diverse countries. (fte. to see links)

Nuclei: Tie it, Atxuri, Basozabal, Belako, Berreagamendi, Billela, Elgezabal, Emerando, Iturribaltzaga, Larrauri, Larrauri-Markaida, Laukariz, Llona, Markaida, Maurola, Mungia, Trobika, Zabalondo

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