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Munitibar Arbatzegi Gerrikaitz




Munitibar-Arbatzegi-Gerrikaitz / Region: Lea-Artibai or region of Marquina




Basque Country - Basque Country

Habt. / Ine 2004



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Munitibar-Arbatzegi has 154 inhabitants and Gerrikaitz 88

Munitibar is in the point where there cross the ways of Markina, Durango, Lekeitio, Gernika and Bilbao, and limits the south part of Lea Ibarra.
The municipality has a surface of
24,5 km ² and it is divided in four principal quarters (Berreño-Aldaka, Uriona, Gerrika and Totorika) in addition to the helmets of Munitibar and Gerrikaitz.
The river Reads, to his step along the municipality, he gathers the waters of the creeks that are born in the mount Oiz.

In some ancient documents Munitibar it appears like Munditibar, Monitibar and Munitibar. According to these documents, Munitibar was in Gerrikaitz. In Biscay during the epoch in which the counts made be called Gentlemen, 21 towns were created, between them Munitibar, which was the seventeenth one. The Munitibar founder was Don Tello known as XXII Master of Biscay, which one had the sixteenth vote between the towns and was occupying the same number of seat in the Meeting of Gernika.
The city was created in 1366.

Arbatzegi, was her twenty and eighth of the porches of the General Meeting.
The first parish of this porch, the call San Vicente Mártir, the farmers erected it to the service of the masters of Biscay in the Xth century on the Arbatzegi top.
This parish was to the service of the Collegiate church of Ziortza, and to resist his power, the Master of Munitibar decided to relocate the patronage in the quarter Munitibar in the year 1550, with the help of the brotherhoods of the quarters, Aldaka, Totorika and Berreñoko.


Parish of San Vicente of Arbatzegi
Parish of Our Lady of Gerrikaitz
Quarters Uriona and Totorika
Chapel of Saint Lucia of Gerrika
Chapel of St Kitts of Oiz
Chapel of San Migel
Chapel of Salbatore
Chapels of the St Lawrence, San Juan and Santiago Apóstol
Chapel of Santa Eufemia
Mills Elortza and Olatxu

Day of San Pedro, June 29:
There are the management holidays of the Town, since in 1950 one changed San Vicente to San Pedro.
In the program, they are necessary to emphasize the mass, the round for the bars with trikitilaris, the popular meal for the third age, the championships of brisca and of card game, the meal with bertsolaris, the holiday for children, the dance, the pilgrimage. (ftes. to see links)

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