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Coastal town Vizcaína located in the margin left of the Ría of the Nervion, it borders to the North on Santurtzi, Getxo and the sea; on the South with Trapagaran/Valle of Trápaga and Ortuella; to the east with Leioa and Sestao; and on the West with Ortuella and Santurtzi.

It settles in a hill, one of from whose hillsides it descends towards Laugh and other one towards the river Ballonti, serving of limits both water routes to him. Incluída in the region of the Big Bilbao, is distant 13 km from the above mentioned capital.

The birth of Portugalete like town mends a XIVth century, although the Town and the port already existed with anteriority. On June 11, 1322, Mrs Maria Díaz de Haro, widow of the infante Don Juan, and lady of Biscay founded the villazgo granting him the jurisdiction of Logronio. This letter populates it would be confirmed later by several Castilian monarches, like Reyes Católicos, Fernando and Elizabeth, who were in Portugalete in 1476 and 1483, respectively.

From the port point of view, there was in the beginning the place of exit of the Castilian wool towards Flanders, like outer port of Bilbao that was and exporting center for the mercantile union that the University was controlling the northern wool commerce, that is to say, of Merchants of Burgos.

To visit:

Bridge of Biscay
Church of Santa Maria
Convent of Santa Clara
Old helmet
Tower of Salazar
Monument to Víctor Chávarri

The Suspension bridge tunes in to the town jarrillera to the municipality of Getxo, in the Right Margin.

Constructed in 1893, it was already the first one of his class in the entire world that the need for step of big ships did not allow to construct one classic bridge and it is necessary to say that nowadays only nine work .

This impressive iron construction keeps on being the method more used to cross 160 meters of shore to shore, and for his interest has been considered to be a Patrimony of the Humanity.

The Portugalete boss is, from the XVIth century, San Roque, whose festivity celebrates in full summer epoch, August 16, with diverse celebrations and popular verbenas. Between them a descent of bands, which parade the Street Santa Maria up to the square of Lot. Another holiday worth mentioning in the municipality is that of Virgin of the Guide, boss of the pilots and lemanes, whose traditional celebration is much established in the Town. (ftes. to see them links)

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